14 Nov 2015

A spiral of hate and violence

Bloodbath in Paris screams the headline this morning. “150 killed as jihadist gunmen blow themselves up at concert and Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist opens fire in restaurant. Suicide bombers detonate near Stade de France.”

Terrorists launched a total of six coordinated attacks at high profile sites across Paris:

  • Two suicide bomb attacks at a bar near the Stade de France led to President Hollande being evacuated from the stadium. He has since declared a national state of emergency.
  • Two terrorists with AK47s burst into the Bataclan concert hall, where rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing. They sprayed bullets and threw grenades into thousands of people before they started slaughtering people one by one.
  • A terrorist armed with an AK47 killed at least 11 people at Cambodian restaurant Le Petit Cambodge on Rue Bichat at around 9pm.
  • Gunfire and bomb blasts have also been reported at the Louvre art gallery, the Pompidou Centre and Les Halles shopping centre.

France has a long history of intolerance toward the extremes of Islam. It has (rightly) banned face coverings, and has cracked down on those who would push the boundaries of communal harmony.

By having these terrorists attacking the city of Paris, far from making a point, I suspect that France will now become even more intolerant, and all Muslims will be viewed and treated as being a (potential) terrorist. The spiral of mistrust has begun. Do I find that unfair? Not at all!

You see, the terrorists who commit these acts are usually citizens of the targeted state. They have been bred into a society that is far more tolerant than the ones they support. And it is that very tolerance and freedoms which give them the opportunity to be groomed.

I often find it amusing when Muslims protests in England. You see, it is the very freedoms and liberties of their rights that allow them to protest against the freedom and rights they enjoy. The irony escapes them, of course. Were they to protest in a Sharia state, they'd be dragged out to a public square and dealt with in the same manner they support.

My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. I hope you come to terms with this tragedy and somehow find some peace.