6 Nov 2015

Carrying the baton - up the backside

I note with a certain amount of interest that Ken Julien has been reappointed to University of Trinidad and Tobago. I note with even more interest that Julien is now 83 years old… time long past when he should be playing with great-grandchildren…

I never forgot that under his direct ‘leadership’, UTT haemorrhaged TT $1 Billion like a dose of laxative… and then he refused to appear before the Joint Select Committee that tried to investigate.

And not forgetting a certain off-shore bank account, "US$4.2 million bank account in the Guernsey Island managed exclusively by the Trust Fund, HSBC International. It is understood that the Guernsey account generates over US$200,000 a year in interest payments."

So, a man whose ethics and business sense is obviously questionable, who has a foot and a half in the grave at age 83, is the ONLY possible person to carry the baton of UTT forward… obviously up the backside, since I can’t personally see it. Astonishing too a younger, more ethical person can’t be found…