13 Nov 2015

Human stupidity and human cruelty

From my observations, and I must say, only from my observations ( I have done no research except to pay attention to the world around me), I have to say that human beings have to be the most stupid animal on the planet. This despite the ability to reason to a level higher than any other animal on the planet.

Take this example:

handThe man obviously was a fool, to put it mildly. Handling fireworks requires health and safety precautions (something unheard of in Trinidad and Tobago) and a modicum of good sense (another thing I despair of existing on that Rock). But the real kicker in the gonads in that the sale of fireworks is illegal… right?

Human stupidity… if we didn’t breed at such a prolific rate, we’d have been extinct many eons ago.

Here’s another observation… perhaps because we humans can reason, we have become quite inventive at being cruel. From devising instruments of torture to being cruel for no particular reason except that we can, humans have quite the history of degrading, punishing and abusing our own kind. Funnily enough, there are more laws to prevent us being cruel to animals than to our own kind… or so it appears to me.

Take this example:

According to the maid in the video, she was fed stale food mere days after taking employment in Saudi Arabia. Her employers had already taken away her passport. She attempted to leave by tying two saris together, tying them to the bed and  climbing out the the window. While she was distracted in throwing the saris through the window to climb out, unknowing to her, her employers had come into the room. She felt a sharp pain, then woke up in the hospital to find out her arm had been chopped off. The police claim she was mentally unstable and chopped her own arm off… is that even physically possible for someone to chop off an arm so cleanly at the shoulder?

This is by no means an isolated incident. Mistreatment of servants in Saudi Arabia has been so rife than Indonesia actually banned their citizens from going to Saudi Arabia to work. Looks like India may have to do the same.

The human aggression is also fuelled by the sense of power that comes from the oil dollars that Saudi Arabia has. I’m sure that mistreatment eked out to foreigners in Saudi come because of the petro-dollars that gives the Saudi government the power to dictate terms of any negotiations. So… money = power = cruelty.