3 Nov 2015

I had the source wrong

Okay, yesterday when I wrote on Dr Jehan Ali refusing to testify in the Crystal Ramsumair medical negligence case, I was speculating that he was refusing to testify because he might be afraid that he would be blackballed by his colleagues.

Turns out I was way, way wrong.

You see, the blackmail is actually coming from Ali, and he has openly confessed to it.

Yesterday, in an interview at his medical offices at San Fernando Specialist Centre, Ali explained to Newsday why he withdrew, saying that it was his medical expertise upon which he advised Ramsoomair’s attorneys in assessing the medical evidence, but had advised against suing Ramballack, “an intern who is not medico- legally covered to operate; does not operate on a patient, but yet she was sued” And to add insult to injury, Ali said, Ramballack, as well as Seenath and Mohammed, were charged privately with manslaughter.

“And I told them, if you are going to file criminal charges against the doctors, I will have nothing to do with this case. It is heartless; imagine a criminal charge of manslaughter hanging over the head of, especially an intern, who had absolutely nothing to do with the operation, but perhaps to draw blood etc. Is this blackmail against the doctors for SWRHA to settle the claim?” Ali asked.

Ali is blackmailing Lorne Ramsumair to cease legal action against the doctors (and boldly taking on the role of judge, jury and executioner), in return for his testimony for the claimant. And yes, I see the irony of the medical fraternity closing ranks, in the opposite direction to what I had imagined.

Frankly, once a doctor is part of the team responsible, he/she is rightly brought into the action as I see it, and as the judge says, “Let the chips fall as they may.” The doctors may be found wholly or partly responsible, or innocent, or may indeed be individually found culpable to varying degrees. But that is not Ali’s job to decide!!

So Ali is really confirming what we all knew all along: that the medical brothers stick together… and fuck the public!