29 Dec 2015

Yet another reason why the Rock does not progress

I am reading the BBC News and the headline jumps out at me:

New domestic abuse law comes into force

A new law is in effect. Law which " target those who subject spouses, partners and family members to psychological and emotional torment but stop short of violence.

It paves the way for charges in cases where there is evidence of repeated "controlling or coercive behaviour"."

Given that such behaviour as described above is all too commonplace on the Rock, one wonders why similar legislation has never been brought into effect. The answer obviously, is that Trinidad and Tobago is quite content to remain backward. Successive governments are all too eager to maintain the status quo which protect friends and family and which rewards people for corruption, party support, and brown nosing.

How I long for the day when a duly elected government will see fit to update and modernise laws and look out for the entire population as  elected to do.