24 Jan 2016

Gov’t losing goodwill fast


It appears there are many people in sweet TT who are fast becoming fedup with that insurmountable wall of arrogance that surrounds this Government. At least the previous government listened when we spoke and responded. It amazes me how fast this Government is losing the goodwill that was extended to it.

The Government promised consultations, but states unequivocally that there will be no revision on its new policy for VAT on food items, books or computers and no compromise on the new policy for foreign used cars.

We are told that we will become the most sought-after tourist destination in the Caribbean but the Government will spend $90 million of our tax dollars, from our lower revenues and higher taxes, on a useless stadium.

We have a $1.2 billion chicken bill and consume 140 million eggs a year, but we will plant teak.

We are confused when Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley emphatically states that he promises that public servants will not lose their jobs but contract workers are terminated without a second though. And we cringe when he instructs us to go back to peeling our own cassava and kneading flour. The disconnect is frustrating but also frightening.

Our leaders are so mired in their own mud that they can’t see that we have to move into the new world, like the US and India, where there is great emphasis on holistic training and other initiatives, in a properly designed framework, to support the startup sector.

In the absence of proper leadership and poor management, what can we possibly do in the face of this frightening future that is rapidly unfolding before us? I don’t have an answer. But I do know we need to raise ourselves from the apathy in which we live …to the knowing that we own our future.

Nisha Singh, Curep [sic]

I have to say, I completely agree with the headline of this article. This government, barely 5 months old, is already showing signs of the hubris that caused the downfall of Patrick Manning. Certainly it is clearly present in abundance in Colm Imbert.

That is not to say I agree with everything the writer says also… I may not know the policies of the present regime but I think 5 months is too short a period jump into a final judgment. Still, back to the hubris that is rising – I for one believe Marlene McDonald should go, and not be a judge in her own cause. Or her lover’s.

Once again, I have to point out, I am not bashing a political party because I am politically against it. I am an equal opportunity basher – I took umbrage with Panday, with Manning, with Kamla and now with Rowley’s PNM, whenever I see corruption, waste and stupid policies. I am pro-country, not anti-(insert name of political party here).

I am a firm believer that doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do is a policy that shold be adopted across the board by every government elected. It’s a pipedream I know, but you might remember that 0.01% hope I always have…

I predict things will get worse and the arrogance shown will become the downfall of this regime just like every other. We don’t vote IN governments, we vote governments OUT.