15 Jan 2016

Mired in mud

Murder in Trinidad and Tobago contines unabated. 20 deaths in 15 days. No amount of ‘action’ (more like inaction) on the part of the police worked in the past 10 years I’ve been writing this blog. The only ‘tool’ in the ‘arsenal’ of police dunceys remain the road block, used for everything from hospital to prison escapes. And catching 15 (or less) persons who are drving back drunk or without valid permits from Maracas Beach is touted as a ‘great breakthrough’.

Unfortunately, what I’ve always said remains true. Police ‘officers’ at the highest levels of the police service were the ones who entered the service with school leaving certificates. The evidence bears me out. They were promoted through seniority rather than merit and qualifications.


From bad language (”He don’t know…”) to a deep incapability to learn modern policing methods, the senior police officers are now the ‘bosses’ of more highly edicated police officers… but not by much. The minimum requirement is 5 ‘O’ level subjects. People who have ‘A’ levels and degrees have been reportedly turned away at the recruitment drives for being ‘over qualified’. It’s also a place where a person with 8 medium graded ‘O’ levels and 2 ‘lowest-pass-allowed’ ‘A’ levels can become head of the Security Intelligence Agency.

The recruitment process for a new Commissioner of Police (CoP) is therefore only to pick the best out of a bad lot.

Corruption is never-ending. Even the elected government officials aren’t above it.

I don’t expect improvement any time soon. The country is mired in mud.