14 Feb 2016

Watching the world go round and round

It's been quite some time since the Capt has made a post here - needless to say I have been in some sort of 'existential crisis' about the world over the last year.

It has been very hard to generate words to post. Several draft blogs have been discarded or remain on the back burner. A blogger's life is not as easy as some think it is. There are tons of blogs out there - some good and some bad. To generate a really well reasoned and evidence based blog takes tremendous personal time and effort. There is no pay involved and there are no tangible rewards, for people like me.

The big crushing stories seem to have common themes.
  1. Smoke and mirrors.
  2. Abuse of power.
  3. Outright lies and other deceptions.
  4. Justice corralled and made to deliver injustice.
It has been too much really.

So - I've resorted to a different kind of blogging which starts today as you see in the images here. They will be shorter on words and with more emphasis on imagery.
Best wishes to all.