9 Mar 2016

What’s it worth?

RottweilerI have written many, many times about dangerous dogs, dotish owners and apathetic law enforcement. So many deaths, and still dog owners raise moronic protests. Still, you know the saying, “Who don’t hear, will feel”.

And ‘feel’ is what a family is experiencing this morning. I am truly horrified that the victim is a mere 6 months old babe, but somehow I know the lesson is not yet learnt. Despite a comprehensive Dog Control Act, I have not yet read anywhere that the regulations are/were implemented. And the State has not yet seen fit to push on this to save lives.

After all, what is a life worth in Trinidad and Tobago? From my observations, just a few tears easily replenished with the next glass of water. Or rum.

So far in Trinidad and Tobago, only ‘dangerous’ dogs need microchips, but from next month in England, ALL dogs MUST be microchipped and non-compliance means a £500 fine. Why do I bring this up? It reiterates a point I’ve been making time and time again… that England is far more progressive in updating its laws than Trinidad and Tobago, and also in enforcing them.

Expect more blood.