5 Jun 2016

When dinosaurs rule the Rock

* Regular readers know I call Trinidad and Tobago “The Rock” because, after all, it is only a small Rock in the ocean. England, where I now live, is a slightly bigger Rock.

dinosNow when ah talkin’ bout dinosaurs, ah did really mean it in ah anachronistic sense, fuh dem people who tink I eh know dat dinosaurs dead long, long time back. I really mean de almost dead dinosaurs who callin’ the religious and cultural shots on de Rock.

We have ah few ole fogies, well beyond de age where ah ‘oman could have any interes’ for or in dem, and Viagra eh go help matters, spinnin’ stories how chile marriages should stay de way it always was and still is – dat it okay fuh hardback old men who could still use Viagra tuh marrid ah gyul chile who only 12 years old.

Now, de way I see it, I tink de UN was on de right track. Ah chile have a right tuh grow up happy, playing wid dolly or whatever else dey fancy dese days. Buh she shouldn have tuh fraid dat when night come some man pushin’ part ah he body she eh have no right tuh know about at this tender age, in some part ah she body she was taught to protect from same hardback men.

Buh de dinosaurs playing de ole blame game. One ah dem even imply dat the UN is de USA, dat de decisions made in NY and even de USA have chile marriages when dey tellin’ everybody else how tuh protect chirren. De dinosaurs brain half-dead… de cyah see dat is a separate issue, ah fallacy argument. De UN is a whole set ah countries arong de world who come to various agreements, and de majority decisions is what is accepted. Once dey make ah Treaty, and ah country sign it, den is de responsibility ah dat same country to revamp de law it have to come tuh de standard set by de Treaty. And since de Rock sign up tuh protect de rights ah de chirren, it have a duty, and I want yuh tuh watch dat word I use, ah duty tuh make chile marriages ah ting ah de past.

Allyuh see dis ting call LAW? It eh ah easy ting to understand, and de most smartest man on de street is usually ah ignoramus when it come tuh de law. Buh de ting is, if one man living alone on ah island, he eh need no law except tuh survive. Watch dat Tom Hanks’ film, “Cast Away”, tuh see wha ah talkin’ bout. Buh once anedder man or ‘oman’ set foot on dat island, de rules change. Now yuh boy on de Rock have tuh tink about how tuh geh along wid de interloper. Dey have tuh make rules about sharing – space, food, resources etc. Den dey have tuh make sure dat one man fish or fowl eh get tief by de odder. And if he get tief out, what he could do about it. One man might be a castaway, buh two go be a society forming. So dey need rules, or law tuh name it right, tuh survive and tuh protect dey own interests.

Dat is de basis ah laws. To protect and tuh allow people tuh live together in peace. Buh here is de real ting. Law arong since man learn how tuh talk and make fire, or maybe even before. Dat eh surprising. Wha’ surprising doh, is dat is only in de last 150 to 200 years, dat ting like slavery and chile marriage become taboo. Before dat, if yuh check yuh facts, yuh will see dat it was okay tuh have slaves, beat dem, rape dem, stone dem, make chile wid dem, and same fuh chile brides.

Buh humans have ah cognitive ability. Ah mean dey could tink and reason. And somewhere dong de line in recent times, some tinkers puh de idea forward dat we evolve beyond dis base and crass behaviour. So we make changes tuh society, de law and we progressing. Except for dinosaurs, who as we know, couldn’ really adapt farse enough tuh change. Dat is why we have oil. (De funny ting is dat de places wid de oil is also de places slowest tuh change).

Now, I eh go say dat de dinosaurs wasn’ useful – dat paragraph above is de show dat dey still fuellin’ we society. Buh dey dead. And so will de dinosaurs who leading de religious. Dey go dead soon too. Fuh me, it wouldn’ be soon enough, doh I eh really have dat bad mind to wish dey dead now. Let nature takes its course. Buh wha’ I worried about is de damage dey doing tuh society, and tuh de chirren by dey stubbornness and dotishness.