8 Jul 2016

American Police Brutality

Injustice in any form, no matter who are the perpetrators or the victims, no matter the race, creed, culture or whatever other characteristics you want to pin on either perp or victim, pisses me of to no end. Which is why this morning it is hard to drum up sympathy for the law enforcement authorities in Dallas, Texas where snipers have killed 5 police officers and wounded several more. This was done at a protest rally for two victims of police shootings, where white police officers shot and killed two black men under questionable circumstances.

In the modern, technological world we live in, a video soon surfaces of incidents like the two I mentioned: the shootings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana. Whether the video comes from CCTV, or from bystanders’ mobile phones or , as in the case of Castile, his girlfriend who live streamed the shooting and the death (on the air so to speak) of Castile while he lay gasping for breath and finally expiring.

Sadly, these videos show white police officers clearly abusing their authority against minorities, and taking the law into their own hands. However, in America, law is often twisted into an unrecognisable caricature of what it is meant to be, and in the majority of these cases there are no convictions for the police officers, despite video evidence, and sometimes, no charges are even brought as the same police authority to which the officer belongs may clear him/her.

In the case of the Dallas shootings, it seems someone had enough. The tables turned and with that turning, I wonder why the Dallas police, or anyone, feel shock? History has shown us that no matter the cause of an injustice, there will be rebellion that brings pain and anguish in the short term, but will force change and an excising of what is rotten.

Rodney King may have been the start, but Dallas is not the end…