22 Sept 2016

Sweet like a Prosecco

Life on the Rock is sweet like a Prosecco wine apparently. Especially for the President, who seems to be a typical ole boy controlled by the greatest treasure on earth… the Bearded Clam!

What else would explain giving a contract to his wife’s former ‘stylist’ (someone say ‘flesh-coloured belt’?) to import  wine to the value of $1.2 millions? Okay, let’s be fair to the Prez, it’s TT dollars, not US. And it’s for a 2 years period so I can assume that he is not courting said bearded clam with sparkling wine baths. Or is he?

In the meantime, the judiciary is still treated like a stray dog; starved for funds.

Never before has a President of Trinidad and Tobago been mired in so many financial controversies. Aside from 2 pensions (one as a judge – which will be scaled up whenever the sitting judges get a raise - and one as President, also scaled) he has collected a housing allowance while being provided with State Housing and has refused to return said allowance received. A neat sum of $28K.

And there are allegations of public spending on jewellery as well, not only wine. All in all, this writer sees that the President is controlled by the bearded clam, and his public policies and actions are affected by his thirst.