24 Oct 2016

Police – apart and aloof

As accustomed as I am to police stupidity (duncey dotishness) in Trinidad and Tobago, there are times I am still awe-struck at how low the intelligence quotient can go. If intelligence was a limbo, the police service consistently lowers the bar successfully. Take this example:

Adele Gilbert was shot and killed in San Fernando. he was allegedly unarmed, but the police dispute this; I tend NOT to believe police especially when investigations have time and again proven their statements to be lies. In this case, the autopsy revealed that Gilbert was shot at in the back, contrary to the initial police reports. The relative’s video, shot at the scene, also shows a police officer picking up a shell casing from the ground (the Police Welfare and Social Association president Michael Seales thinks it was a 25 cents piece), in effect tampering with  what might be evidence in any ensuing investigation. That’s not all though…

Rather than call for an investigation into the shooting, the Police Welfare and Social Association president Michael Seales is calling for an investigation into a subsequent video allegedly made by a relative of Gibert, in which racist comments and threats were supposedly made. Now, some may argue that the video needs investigating; I agree. But I also think that in the same breath, Seales should have called for an investigation into the shooting of Gilbert and assured the citizens that no stone would be left unturned in getting to the truth of the affair. As it is, his one-sided call is a blot on the police; it is essentially saying that whatever ‘we’ (the police) do is alright because ‘we’ doing it in the name of crime fighting.

As I have frequently said on this blog, the two tier system is in effect. And never the twain shall meet.