10 Oct 2016

The ‘War’ is futile

The so-called ‘war’ on crime, declared by many Ministers of National Security, Prime Ministers, Police Commissioners et al is an abysmal failure. Not only has crime not been reduced, it has actually flourished, and has become more brutal, more bloody, more callous than ever.

And no one bats an eye.

It isn’t unusual to see headlines like: Couple’s throats slit during home invasion.

fullfront39monday frontNor to see photos like this, where once upon a time this would have been against all good taste and decorum for newspapers to print. Never mind the children who read the news or will be exposed to the gruesome sights… nothing is Almightier than the dollar, ent? The savagery has gotten so brutal that shock value keeps rising, we become inured against the exposure, and in turn we behave like humans… because animals, at least those lesser evolved than Homo Sapiens, do not behave with such disregard to their prey. Nor do they wilfully commit acts of cruelty.

But these are symptoms of how the ‘war’ has been a failure, not the reasons why the ‘war’ is incapable of being won. There are numerous reasons why Trinidad and Tobago will become even more of a failed State before too long.

There are incapable, incompetent, unqualified people at the top. People who lack critical thinking and educational skills, the ability to adopt and adapt into workable plans even ideas from elsewhere, who ‘protect their turf’ by refusing to hire external expertise (and when they mistakenly do, find that they can’t work with those people because they rock the status quo), people who can’t or won’t admit they are out of their depth.

That’s not all. Many of those in the upper echelons of the law enforcement organisations, government, and business world are corrupted, if not indeed active criminal participants, in drug trading, trafficking, kidnapping, land grabbing, money laundering etc. It isn’t at all therefore surprising that the curb on or to combat crime is not in their financial (or personal) interest. Why slay the goose with the golden eggs?

Think those are the only reasons? Not at all. They are ably aided by the educated population, who don’t even have the excuse of illiteracy to explain the utter stupidity of their thought processes. Bleating about praying and that ‘God is a Trini’ in hopes that the problems will disappear, the educated elite even includes a judge who apparently left his brains in his judicial robes and found the State’s purse in the Presidential ones he swapped into.

And let’s not forget those who bawl ‘Bring Back the Death Penalty’ as the apparently sole solution to end all serious crimes. I have news for you. The death penalty didn’t go for a walk, on vacation, or even become a ‘hornerman’ slinking into the night… no, it was and is still there. If the Law imposes conditions on which it can be used, then it is up to a proactive Government to find solutions to work within those conditions, if the death penalty is to be implemented as a (hopefully not ‘the’) solution to crimes gone wild.

Despite that 0.01% hope for a better T&T, I still see the futility of change. Which is why I’m unlikely to hold my breath.