7 Dec 2016

At its finest – human stupidity

crashed car

Take a good look at the car in the photo*. No, no… look closer. Still closer. You see it yet? You missed it, didn’t you?

Look at how that car is smashed to pieces. A whole big chunk of hardened steel – the engine – in the front is literally smashed in, pushed with such force that it crushed the two front seats into nothing.

What’s my point? Well, can you think that the manufacturers of this car, in their safety tests, imagined this type of damage? Or that it was reproduced in their tests at all? I seriously doubt it. I can imagine the manufacturers (Mitsubishi) watching a photo like this and wondering how in all Heavens did the driver manage to do such damage?

It’s speeding and stupidity, nothing else. Well, the former arises from the latter, I suppose, so it all boils down to human stupidity in one of its finer moments. As harsh as it may seem, I feel no sympathy for the driver of the car – he took himself out in spectacular fashion, a Darwin Award winner. He’ll be a footnote in history inside of a month. To the other victims, I extend my condolences.

It comes back to what I always say about the Rock. The citizens exemplify human stupidity on so many levels, I can’t even begin to describe. And it’s always the innocent who pay the price, sad to say.

* (courtesy Nigel Stewart, sourced from the Express)