1 Jan 2017

Side by side getting screwed

Okay, I’m usually not pessimistic, but when I see efforts like these I’m confused. Part of me lauds the attempt but the other part of me – the majority – knows that it’s like farting into a tornado and trying to stop it. Or pissing up Niagara Falls to achieve the same result.

No matter how much wishing and praying goes on, the crime wave is as inexorable as the change in age. Why am I saying this? Just click on the ‘crime’ label and go as far back as you wish on this blog – I have documented endless times why crime will not even pause, much less slow down or stop.

Some bear repeating:

When we pick police officers (dunceys) from from the intellectual dregs of society, we cannot and should not expect them to learn. Raise the entry requirements to at least 3 or 4 ‘A’ levels grades A to C. Let the police service be an alternate vocational career path, earning a degree while they train.

When we train dunceys, we need to train them much longer than 6 months. A proper 3 years minimum course covering law, criminal procedures, technology, etc. will make for a better quality of police.

When we have a highly inefficient ‘old guard’ in the leadership positions, the habits and systems pass to the new recruits. Fire them all and start afresh. Put them back in short pants and on the streets. Remove air-condition units from stations and vehicles. Create a pay scale based on performance.

We need to revamp the judicial system, throw money at it to bring in expertise and assets – buildings, vehicles, etc., instead of strangling it financially annually. Do away with endless postponement of cases and hold night courts as often as possible. Bring in judges from other common law systems if necessary, and enhance the intellect… too many local decisions get ‘tapped up’ at the Privy Council. Have compulsory professional development on an annual basis, like doctors. If they fail, remove them.

Hire managers who are properly trained in managing, not just rising through the ranks and know fawk-all about using the assets available. Don’t become top-heavy with management either.

Pelt money at the prison system, to enhance prison conditions. It is no secret that the conditions are atrocious and help breed more violent and knowledgeable (criminal knowledge, eh) re-offenders. Expand prisons, remove private contractors from both the judicial and prison systems.

Revamp the health sector. More discipline for doctors, no more protecting each other. You cut through a baby’s head, lose your license.

Update laws. The country is working with antiquated laws dating back almost a century, in some cases even more. These were inherited from the old English colonial system and imported wholesale into the Constitution at Independence. England and former territories have long since moved on. To stem crime, start with the Offences Against the Person Act (Act 10 of 1925!!!) and move on to the Marriage Acts, etc. Lack of political will should not be an excuse, neither should pandering to political sycophants. Parliament can make or unmake any laws.

Tribal politics should be removed – by the people. If your MP is not toeing the line in bringing your concerns, fire him. If he votes party instead of people, fire him. If he’s a fake doctor, fire him.

Well, there you have it. A short version of some of the many suggestions I have repeatedly made over the lifetime of this blog. While you pray for the lives of yourself and loved one, cogitate on that. I’d wish you all a Happy New Year 2017, but that would be like blowing on flood waters in Port of Spain hoping to remove them.