11 Feb 2017

To fight crime, first fight the mindset of dotish police... starting with top duncey

I take great issue with the stupid statement bleated out by top duncey, Stephen Williams. He said in this article:
As grieving families of people killed in domestic-related cases continue to cry out for justice, acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams says the police can do nothing about killings that stem from such situations.

 “When a brother can stab and kill a brother inside a house for $30, there is nothing the police can do about that. When a daughter could stab a father inside a house, there is nothing the police can do about that. For 2017, we are seeing a series of killings for which no amount of police presence on the streets can have an impact on that,” Williams said.
I see this as a cop-out from the top cop. Probably fitting words there. The point is, in the vast majority of domestic estrangements that turn violent and deadly, there are ample evidence that the victims had made numerous reports to the police... who did nothing. 

But as Lord Kerr said:
"In my view, the time has come to recognise the legal duty of the police force to take action to protect a particular individual whose life or safety is, to the knowledge of the police, threatened by someone whose actions the police are able to restrain."
(Lord Kerr (obiter) in Michael and others v Chief Constable of South Wales Police and another [2015] UKSC 2)
Clearly, the top legal minds from the highest court (Lord Kerr is one of the Privy Council judges) recognise the problem and the necessity for the police to be proactive. But in Trinidad as we all know, police can only be reactive. And in spite of billions handed over to the police annually, the best Williams can come up with to fight crime is:
Williams called on God to pay special attention to the spiralling murder rates plaguing T&T. Admitting that citizens were living in fear of crime, he said a divine intervention was really needed in this country.

“There is a need for more work and in those circumstances we are saying if God is in control, we are asking God to continue to be in control, but to pay a special kind of attention on what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago, as we police officers who are charged with the responsibility can continue to focus on fulfilling our responsibility.”
 Okay, so his crime plan is that God is in control, and should remain in control but pay special attention to TnT, because police officers need to spend time focussing on their responsibilties for which they are responsible.  I don't know what those are, but apparently they're not preventing, detecting and solving crimes.

It is this dotishness coming from the mouth of a man who claims to have a law degree, MBA and what have you, and who incidentally speaks in the form of the worst illiterate in Trinidad, that causes the ordinary citizen to run amok and take justice in his own hands. Because when I hear such dotishness, I feel to take Williams own baton and beat sense into him until I can't raise my hands any more.