31 Mar 2017

‘He dogs dead’

It’s high time the people of Trinidad and Tobago – including the educational ‘elite’ – wake up to reality.

What am I talking about? Prayers, nuh.

Govt urges Shouter Baptists 'to raise their collective voices' in prayer for crime screams the headline.
'Baptists have important role in reduction of crime' is another.

Once more, the so-called ‘leaders’ of the society are calling on people to “pray for crime”. I’ll get back to the words in the quotation marks in a bit. In the meantime, they refuse to face the fact the prayers have never worked, and will never work. But hey, the Christians prayed, the Hindus prayed, the Muslims prayed, then they all prayed together in various groups and gatherings and combinations and yes, the criminals still preyed. And are still preying.

Which leads me to think that, like the words in the quotation marks above, they are ‘praying for crime’ in the literal sense, since there is no sign of abatement.

I’m not surprised that crime is rising, and will continue to rise… when the best that those with the authority and resources to fight crime can do is call for prayer to battle criminal enterprise, then is more than dogs dying… it will continue to be the people.