4 May 2017

Is A Long Time

Is a long time I eh write ah blog post here. Is not that shit eh happening, is de opposite – it happening too farse and furious fuh meh to keep up. Not only dat doh, I have exams coming up and de amount ah reading getting heavier. Imagine having to read 11 chapters fuh one piddling assignment that only 1500 words.

Buh back tuh meh thoughts on shit happening farse and furious… it never stop really so it eh have have no parts 1 tuh 8 here. Is one continuous line ah shit like ah waste truck pumping out ah latrine. De amount ah meh thoughts ah had was tuh rubbish, jess tuh keep sane. Some like ah fishbone in meh craw doh.

Ah mean, ah still cyah get over de fact dat de Opposition Leader SC (I realise it really mean someting like Stupid Cow if ah being polite) insisting dat de property tax forms ‘illegal’:

“I am a lawyer, but I have consulted with other lawyers and we have gone through the Valuation Land Act and we have gone through the Property Tax Act and it is very clear that this form, is null and void.”

Ah mean, dotishness come in all shape and form but dis ‘oman is in a league of her own.

Leh we eh forget another UNC blowhard. Search this site for ‘The case of the Walking documents’ and yuh go find Gerald Ramdeen name coming up. Ah man who in de middle ah all kinda corruption probe actually get pick by the UNC to be part ah de team in de Senate.

And leh we eh forget dis fiasco with the promotion/demotion of the former Chief Magistrate (CM). First dey telling we she resigned as CM tuh be a judge, den she resign as a judge tuh go back tuh being CM, allegedly tuh finish outstanding matters. Den we are told she cyar go back as she resigned being CM. Since dat go put de cases she was hearing, de Judiciary, de Chief Justice, de Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) not tuh mention de ‘reputations’ of all de aforementioned in real monkey pants; dey decided dat fuh de purposes of getting her back tuh de magistracy she didn’ really resign as de CM.

Dis is where de logic fall frickin’ dong. So, fuh de 2 weeks she was ah judge, she was collecting 2 salary?! One as CM and one as a judge? Dat is like being Prime Minister and Leader of de Opposition at de same time. Yuh see how frickin’ dotish dat is?

Israel Khan right… like toxins take over …

Buh yuh know what de saddest part ah all dis is? De people eh care. Dat is why all dis going on and dey will continue to misuse de law. Is obvious dem dong dey eh even know what de rule of law is, or how it applies tuh dem.