10 Oct 2017

TTUTA ‘chupidness’

I was appalled to read in todays news that Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) President Lynsley Doodhai claimed that teachers are NOT required to supervise students during breaks. To put it bluntly, Boodhai is legally incorrect. Or a damn fool in other words.

When students are in school, teachers have a duty of care to ensure their safety. It may not be something they accept or want, but it is what it is – a duty imposed upon them by law. It is the reason why teachers in the UK, for example, can be prosecuted/sued for negligence in matters arising out of not meeting the duty imposed upon them.

The interesting question is why is a duty of care imposed upon teachers? It is simple; they are the adults and are deemed to have better judgment and so the duty is imposed upon them in lieu of parental responsibility. Just think of a parent telling a judge, “Well, Your Honour, I eh responsible for meh son breaking 3 ribs because I was on a break.”

So for the President of TTUTA not to know the responsibilities of the people he represents is akin to the Police Commissioner not knowing how to fight crime... oh wait, that already is proven. I dare say readers know what I mean...