28 Nov 2017

A tick named Archie

s-l1000tickRegarding the many, many ‘missteps’ of Chief Justice (CJ) Ivor Archie, I cannot help but think this man is a prime example of an unwanted pest, namely an Alabama tick.

Having disgraced, on many occasions, the Office of the Chief Justice – and by virtue of the posts he holds due to being CJ, the Offices of Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC), and the Head of the Bar – he now digs in like the proverbial Alabama tick, hoping to ‘ride’ out the mess he has made. One wonders if he is openly ‘obtuse’ like the warden in Shawshank Redemption, due to the ‘pay-out’ coming at the end of his tenure.

Beginning before the Marcia Ayers-Caesar fiasco, and still continuing, the CJ has been involved in controversy after controversy. For anyone who knows the parameters of the Rule of Law, they would understand the many breaches committed by Archie in respect of moral and ethical behaviour, even as the legal position he finds himself in becoming more and more untenable.

Lately, I realise that the Rule of Law is severely handicapped, as it is more of an ‘honour code’ and can be ignored willy-nilly as in Archie’s case, and there is no enforceability of the moral and ethical codes touted by so many. Flying in the face of ‘justice’, Archie has simply ignored everyone who calls for an account of his behaviour, feeding off the public’s ‘blood’ all the while, like the afore-mentioned tick. What we need is a damn good anti-tick pesticide.