22 Dec 2017

This is the best we have?

This morning I woke up to articles in the Newspapers about the next potential President. I was horrified to learn that the Peoples National Movement (PNM) is trying to foist Rolston Nelson on us, and the United National Congress (UNC) is suggesting Gladys Gafoor. My mind instantly went numb.

I began to wonder if Nelson was covertly being rewarded for his role in exonerating Rolph Balgobin, the PNM’s seeming untouchable ‘Golden Boy’. If so, that makes the possible appointment of Nelson unsustainable. If not, the mere idea that this could be possible, is itself a sign that Nelson is the wrong candidate, being tainted before he could even be appointed. His Presidency will always be marred by a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head.

As for Mrs Gafoor, after cashing the cheques of a dead man for 6 years, she is hardly a beacon of light in the morass of Trinidadian corruption. What she did was criminal in most States, except perhaps T&T. Her ‘exoneration’ was gerrymandered to protect the reputation of the Judiciary at best, and her own at worst.

If these two persons are the best that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer, no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world. Third World status remains firmly entrenched as long as Third World thinking prevails, but I guess that the people will accept it as long as they remain the 5th happiest place on Earth.