3 Apr 2018

PNM: a cult

One cannot help but wonder at Rowley's ineffectual leadership. He is leading a ship whose crew is wayward, doing their own thing, and lacks the necessary discipline to work as a unit.

Say what you will about Kamla, and I pounded her endlessly for stupid decisions, she did the right thing - belatedly on some occasions - when she fired 16 Ministers for various ethical transgressions. Some of those transgressions might be considered 'minor' by the PNM standards, which are at an all-time low. One cannot help but compare the two styles of 'leadership'.

I will not be 'popular' for saying this but another difference I have observed is this: Under both UNC administrations, Panday's and Kamla's, there was corruption, which I disagreed with vociferously, but the country did gain many tangible and intangible benefits. Sadly, under the PNM, I am still looking, after nearly 3 years, to see what benefits the country gained. So far, the sea-bridge has collapsed, the crime rate is still going up, the police are still leaderless, the Sports ministry is a personal playground for a sex pest and many more... but money is being spent and certain people are getting richer.

The PNM is run along the lines of a closed cult, and what is inside stays inside.