27 May 2018

Stupidity has a price

The Newsday article bothered me. A lot! How the fawk can you be on the job for 3 decades and still don’t know your job? Well, a Trini duncey will explain.

A policeman, Joseph Coraspe knocked down two men who were cycling, Darren Roome and Matthew Tambie, during the State of Emergency in Trinidad and Tobago in 2011. The injuries suffered by the victims were extensive and horrific.

Roome, who was thrown from his bike and dragged face down resulting in his face being disfigured, had to undergo several surgeries and will have to endure more. He suffered severe injuries to his face and spine along with a broken bones in his left leg. He also developed a cataract as a result of the trauma leading to significant deterioration of his eyesight.

Roome’s injuries and subsequent surgeries caused him to lose his external nasal structure causing him severe pain, discomfort and continuous ridicule for how he now looks.

Tambie suffered mild head injuries and multiple soft tissue injury, memory loss, headaches and weakness in the left arm. He was described as being irritable and abusive towards his mother as a result of the accident and was diagnosed with post-traumatic disorder and psychological issues.

What bothered me most was the attitude of the policeman (duncey) and his ‘excuses’. First, before you judge him less harshly, remember that this particular dunce has 30 years experience as a police officer. 30 years!

Coraspe, who testified that he was a police officer for close to 30 years, claimed he was unaware that driving without insurance was a criminal act.

In a report submitted to court, Coraspe admitted to driving at 40 miles per hour (64.4km) while the speed limit was 50 km/hr.

Coraspe said in his evidence that, after the collision, he saw the two men in a nearby drain and the severe facial injury to Roome then went home without waiting for medical assistance to arrive and he did not report the matter immediately.

“Essentially, he fled the scene because, according to him, he heard bystanders making comments about the accident and thought they would blame him. He gave no evidence that he tried to get names of potential witnesses despite the nature of the accident and injuries he observed. His conduct was inconsistent with a lack of responsibility for the accident.” Donaldson-Honeywell stated.

Hold on… after 30 years on the job, ‘upholding the law’ he still didn’t know it’s illegal to drive without insurance. He still didn’t know he must report an accident? He didn’t know he must not leave the scene of the accident? He thought he was Sherman McNicolls? Breach of these are criminal charges by the way. Sometimes, words fail me to describe the stupidity that is pandemic to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). Stupidity has a price and in this case, the duncey has to pay US $1 million.