8 Jul 2018

Weighty issues

2242080It is no surprise to find out that MP Marlene McDonald is in the hospital once again. There is a self-defeating tendency for people not to face facts. Especially uncomfortable facts. The cognitive dissonance created by thinking of negative things about self is a driver in ignoring truth.

Marlene is obese. Not merely fat. Obese, corpulent, lardy, rotund.

However, in this day and age of political correctness (PC) gone mad, it is taboo to point out the obvious. So I expect flak for stating the transpicuous.

That aside, the point is that with carrying such excessive weight, Marlene is bound to be plagued by conditions which are triggered by her size and weight. These will only get worse. But since ‘everybody have to eat a food’, I don’t expect her to go on a diet, literally or figuratively, anytime soon.

In the matter of crime, I see that the son of the pint-sized big-mouth, Colm Imbert, has been robbed. Adrian Colm Imbert was robbed when he stopped due to vehicle troubles in the vicinity of Espinet Street, Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

Strangely, the police held one person within hours. Whether it is one of the actual robbers remains to be seen, but it goes to show, when a ‘big man’ is involved, the police can and sometimes do, get of their fat behinds. I fully expect though, with the Napoleonic MP clamouring for results, that a police frame-up is likely, with some poor sod getting sent down for the robbery… yes, I still remember Terrence Calix.