5 Aug 2018

Crime rising

Crime is on the rise (Stephen Williams Ag CoP, Express 12 Jan 2017). It has been rising steadily for the past 10 years despite the ‘reassurances’ of police and politicians who provide statistics to show that there are occasional decreases in numbers, in various categories. These decreases are temporary ‘blips’ in the overall picture, which, if charted by an unbiased observer, clearly shows the rising crime numbers as well as the rising crime rate.

I suppose that many persons have given up on the lesser impact crimes, such as the numbers of speeding and parking tickets – and fines- issued. What is foremost on peoples’ minds are the more serious crimes, involving violence and loss of life with, sadly, often gruesome acts perpetrated on the victims. One can only wonder whether the perpetrators have reverted to baser animal instincts, rather than higher human cognitive capabilities. When you think of it, even animals aren’t as depraved as some of these perps.

Perhaps the hardest fact to digest is the utter incapacity of the law enforcement services to get a grip on crime fighting… whether that grip is to be crime prevention or crime investigation, failure is an abysmal fact staring us in the face. Add to this failure, the inability of the judicial system, itself under a tsunami of criticisms of its own making, to cope with the rare arrest and one can see why hope of change is but as likely as a former President repaying an illicit housing allowance.

Extending this idea further… With a detection and arrest record in serious crimes at less than 10%, but a trial timeframe in the judicial system (mess?) taking between 5 to 15 years currently, what would happen if that detection rate was to increase to – let’s speculate here – 80%? If you think the Pratt & Morgan 5 years’ time-limit is impossible now…

A recipe for anarchy, I imagine. Faeces might be the least offensive item thrown at judicial officers (Newsday 22 Nov, 2007). As to the regular baying for blood, everyone forgets that before there is a hanging or public execution, one must first catch and verify the guilt of the perpetrator… sadly, this is near impossible with the current police membership, especially considering the inept standards of thinking and performance.

Some detractors might question my loyalty to the country… this is a red herring. Criticism does not mean disloyalty. Only a fool will ignore the obvious. Other detractors will want to know why I am not suggesting improvements. A short-sighted view without the benefit of research, as I have done exactly that on many occasions.