1 Aug 2018

What did Gary do wrong?

I am not sure what are the objections to Gary Griffith being appointed Commissioner of Police… as far I can see, the objections verbalised in the newspapers are merely rantings of small minds. The best reasons for appointing him are, (i) he qualified according to the procedure adopted (and agreed by both political parties) subsequent to the Gibbs and Ewatski appointments, (ii) the country needs something radically different to combat the crime tsunami. Of course, there are myriads of other reasons, but these are the 2 most important.

With respect to the TTPS union and the position of non-cooperation if Griffith is appointed, this position is the very definition of stupidity. First of all, the job of selecting a Commissioner of Police is solely in the domain of the Police Services Commission (PSC). For police officers to refuse accepting the legal and valid appointment is to trespass on the domain of the PSC. There is no ifs and buts about it.

Further, if I were Griffith, any non-cooperation would be viewed as misconduct in office and failure to obey orders would be deemed gross misconduct. Dismissal would follow soon after. If the entire First Division, banking on seniority and experience, were to object then the entire lot would be dismissed. The crime situation is bad enough that we do not need further stumbling blocks on the journey to recovery. It is imperative that everyone cooperate with each other, and if this is not happening then the obstacles must be removed. That is just common sense.

I look forward to seeing major changes, soon.