9 Sept 2018

I’m making enemies again

Trinis jokey too bad, oui. Lemme explain.

I saw a post my cousin put on FaceBook, about people going to the cricket (Caribbean Premier League or something – I am not a cricket fan – referred to as CPL), and paying touts to park in private property, the fenced yards of people living in the area. Some of the touts were so brazen, they cut the locks off the gates, put people to park there and charged them.

Of course, the owners called the police wreckers, especially when they realised they can’t get sleep because people coming back late hours AFTER the match to get their vehicles. The wreckers tow the vehicles and the owners have to pay TT$500 to get a vehicle back from impound.

From my point of view, I like the idea of them paying twice over for stupidity like that. Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but people learn through pain too, not only reward. So, after being hit in the pocket twice, and inconvenience of losing time having to make their way to the impound lot outside the city… well, I mentioned I have no sympathy for them. If you can’t see you’re parking in private property or in front of private property, you deserve that shit that comes your way.

Now, apparently my cousin’s husband was one of those who was caught in this. I didn’t intend to insult him, but he fell into the bracket of dotish people.

My cousin took offence, yammering on about how I don’t know her husband… blah, blah, blah. So, because he is your husband, he can’t be dotish? I tell you, some people eh.

But further, my cousin has resorted to the cheapest of all tricks, ad hominem attacks on me… calling me a conman who is in hiding in the UK. Not the first time I’ve heard such rumours, though oddly enough, the same cousin met me several times when I went back to Trinidad on holidays. And was nice to me.

Now, if I am a conman, she has my address to give to the police. Let’s see what the future unfolds. Open-mouthed smile

In the meantime, I have even less sympathy for her husband.