30 Mar 2019

Imbert’s Ego

In a clear difference of opinions playing out in the media (“Colm calls Gary’s cries for $$ ‘fake news’” [Newsday 20/03/19]), Finance Minister Com Imbert and Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith are each contradicting the other with regard to funding for the police service. This is not the first time, nor the last I suspect.

What struck me as being ‘normal’ on par for Minister Imbert is his arrogance coming to the fore. At every opportunity to stroke his own ego, Mr Imbert is thumping his chest, insisting as it were that he is the only ‘capable’ person in the room. Or implying he is the most intelligent.

"I think the new people are not entirely familiar with how to do the paperwork necessary to request funds because, quite often, I get asked to intervene and help and that, to me, as far as I’m concerned, is the real problem.”

So, among other things we are led to believe Imbert is the best accountant and financial adviser in the country and no paperwork going to the Ministry of Finance from the police service is correctly done, and the Minister must do the paperwork personally if it is to be done right.

I recall last year when a reporter questioned the length of time the Galleons Passage was taking to come to Trinidad, Mr Imbert was his usual snotty self in putting her down. He talked down in a very conceited manner to the reporter saying the ‘free’ software tracking the boat was not as good as the paid version he was using. Of course, time and history has proven the reporter right. One wonders then how the finance wizard can explain paying for software that proved to be so imprecise, when the free version was dead-to-rights accurate.

A word to the wise, Minister. Poodles and pompeks often think they too are the biggest and the ‘baddest’.