4 Jan 2020

When you have no Rights!

This post is about when people do find that they do not have rights that can be enforced, or that bodies responsible for protecting their rights take no action. I'm not focusing on individuals as such - but more on groups of people.

What happens when you have no Rights? By 'Rights' I mean things that can be enforced legally.

You don't under existing local and international law have rights to food, water, and heath care. But you have rights to life. How strange? Don't argue with me - argue with the United Nations.

Think of this situation: You are roused from sleep in the middle of the night by 'the authorities' and you and your family are told "leave now, else we'll move you!" You are not given time to pack anything. With the heavy muscle and ammunition around, you move fearing being manhandled and a getting a beating. On the way you feel confused and angry, because you've lived in your own home, purchased with your own money for years - and you have left all your possessions behind. That was your land and your country You are taken to another country you know nothing off and have never lived there.  You start back from scratch. Over the next few years you and others treated similarly fight in the courts but lose repeatedly. Human Rights seem not to matter.

Some think the above is totally hypothetical. It isn't. It has happened before! Really? Yes - see here.

There are thousands if not millions of people around the world who for a number of crazy reasons do not have a means or method to have their rights enforced. This has always played on my mind. A few weeks ago, I came across organisations and Tribunals that provide some help. Unfortunately they have no legal muscle - but it's better than nothing.

As this is not mean to be a lecture, what I've found is summarised in the mindmap (click this). There are clickable links that take readers to various piece of interesting information.